použite koliesko na myši


Active life, water, sun and relaxation … all this is your private pool. The place where you enjoy the luxury part of our life. The place where you can relax and do not want to be disturbed by anything.

For these values we have created a unique pool cover. It's a luxury complement for your garden, which underlines the exclusive lifestyle and offers a new comfort into the pool use. Our designers created a modern classic with a timeless design that you will enjoy for many years to come.


Beauty alone is not enough, and therefore our goal is to offer only the highest aesthetic standards, and first-class quality. Whether it is a selection of the best materials available, or applying cutting-edge production technologies and high craftsmanship of natural materials, our only goal is to achieve


Core value of the pool cover is its walkability. You can place garden furniture on it and use it as a fully functional terrace. Low profile does not block your view as conventional solutions do.


With our solution your pool space becomes available all year round. In the open position, you’ll acquire exclusive pool deck. In the closed position, your yard extends over the water surface.

Poolwalk solution is easy to install. Whether it's new construction or an existing condition, our cover can adapt to all different types of pools and pool decks.


Movement of the pool cover supplies electric motor with easy control. Press the remote and your pool is ready for swimming in sixty seconds. It is also possible to tie the pool cover controls into your house intelligent system, and operate it via mobile devices.


The main asset is unbeatable pool closure. Through our pool cover it’s impossible to get into dirrect contact with water level. The moving mechanism locks once the cover is closed and thus ensures safety of the enclosed pool. This gives you a peace of mind knowing that your children and house pets are really safe.


Our architects will prepare a solution proposal with visualization per your wishes. We develop, manufacture and assemble the pool covers, all in one modern facility. Thus, we can guarantee the highest possible quality, fast and trouble-free service of the pool covers. Similarly, we can offer creation of custom solutions tailored to your exact needs.


Our pool cover offers the best insulating properties on the market. It will bring you significant financial savings in pool heating cost, and reduction of the CO2 emissions as well. In addition, we are extending your swimming season, because the water stays warm longer.

The pool cover has integrated thermal insulation and waterproofing layer. It will ensure that all dust, rain water and other contaminants will not leak into your pool.

All cover elements are designed to be durable with very long life span, and allow for their easy service if necessary. The easy recyclability and health safety of used material is certainty of our approach.